Credits and thanks

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Credits and thanks

Webmaster: Giampaolo Rugo

Web design: Fabio Vinciguerra

The siblings thank: Giampaolo Rugo, Fabio Vinciguerra, Flavia Luchino, Anna Razzano, l'Associazione Italiana Persone Down - onlus, la Fondazione Italiana Verso il Futuro.

Special thanks to Dr Anna Zambon Hobart

Editorial staff: Alessandro Capriccioli, Carla Fermariello, Federico Girelli, Alessandro Gwis, Giulio Iraci.

The siblings wish to thank Ibe Verschaffel, Benedetta Agostinelli, and Gareth Carpenter - life companions - for their translations, advice, and above all for contributing to make this site possible and help out the growth of the Siblings Group through their patience and love.


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